Sunday, December 16, 2007

Netbeans may get me to learn Ruby?

I wouldn't necessarily call them IDE wars, but the competition among IDE vendors is certainly making things easier for us developers. The only difficult thing we face now is choosing amongst them. The newest release on the block is NetBeans 6.0. I have tried various versions of NetBeans over the years, and 6.0 looks like a well-integrated version as opposed to a collection of haphazard plugins. They seem to be firing on all cylinders now with support for the latest frameworks, mobile development, and even non-Java languages like Ruby. They even include excellent Rails support. I can't wait to find a good excuse to try out Ruby on Rails. I plan to use it as a front end to a JPA backend. Check out this video to be amazed at the powerful combination this can achieve. What a nice way to introduce Rails into your Java enterprise. After all, it is all JVM bytecode (at least with JRuby), and while a consulting client may balk at native Ruby code, they may be more receptive to JRuby since it runs on the same platforms they are already using.

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